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Mar 26, 2020 · terraform apply again without changing the code would result in No changes. Infrastructure is up to date. Actual Behavior. terraform apply applies the configuration terraform apply again without changing the code results in the changes being applied again This then happens over and over. Steps to Reproduce. terraform init; terraform apply ....

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Execute the Terraform code to deploy and type yes at the confirmation check or use -auto-approve to skip manual confirmation: terraform apply or terraform apply -auto-apply Check the VM that you created: az vm list -o table Some secret for loop hacks. You can create multiple VMs by running a Terraform for loop as shown in the following code.

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The answers here do work (I used them initially), but I think I have a better solution using Terraform's setproduct function. I haven't seen many examples of it used around the interwebs, but setproduct takes two sets (or more importantly, two lists) and produces a list of sets with every permutation of the inputs..

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Nov 12, 2021 · It does seem like a reasonably simple requirement (just a nested loop that uses the first loop iterator as the index to retrieve project ID), but the solutions I'm finding are either not covering this particular case (with an undefined/variable number of arguments in loops), or are overly complicated....

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The val is form the outer loop and is one of the values from var.filters if length (regexall (val.regex, path)) > 0 - is the conditional statement. The way it works is it uses the regex value we configured. The key requirement for resource for_each is that you construct a map that has one element for each instance you want to create.

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jarobar435 Asks: Terraform - nested loop for vary attributes number ... so the other approach I've found was to go with for-each loop. I've flattened the map: Code: locals { project_variables = flatten([ for project in var.projects : [ for variable in project.gitlab.variables : { project_name = variable = variable } ] ]) }.

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Terraform's HCL language does not provide us with a double for loop out of the box. However this is still possible albeit in a more complicated way using the power of math! Tutorial. 1 Create two list variables. For better understanding we will use list_1 and list_2 in this example. list_1 containing colors and list_2 containing shapes.

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graveyard decoration ideas terraform-terraform-nested-maps A small Terraform module to build a nested map to use with for_each resource declarations. I wanted to condence 100+ lines of remote data sources to pull in resources, and I wanted to utilize the new for_each feature.

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